Strategic Objectives

  • Communities are civically active and responsive that is to say they are involved in governance making processes, holding leaders accountable, overcoming fear of speaking out on rights and governance and able to advocate, promote and protect rights.
  • Trained grassroots activists carrying out advocacy promoting and protecting human rights through; Documenting human rights violations and cases, engaging in community sensitization, increasing the awareness of citizens, providing legal assistance to victims and enlarging the pool of activists in large numbers.
  • Consistent reliable data and evidence on human rights violations available. TLC Does periodical reporting on human rights violations and availing them to the public.  The Organization’s research work is ongoing and it produces its own reports and video documentaries.
  • Reduced level of human rights violations. TLC makes sure authorities are responsive and respecting human rights and are more aware of human rights and the relevant legislations.
  • Citizens accessing redress mechanisms. TLC has put in place a legal aid desk for to assist people facing land injustices Strategic litigation cases won are to be publicized. This is to be done on a regular basis.
  • Strengthening of our relationship with our international, national and local partnersthis is donethrough active networking locally, nationally and internationally.
  • TLC enhanced capacity to promote and protect human rights. Make sure staff is able to achieve their set objectives, board supportive and active at policy level and supporting advocacy work, structures and policies in place to enable continuous growth, and get a diversified funding base.

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