1.Legal Aid Aupport
3.Accountability & Governance
4.Community Awareness
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Human Rights, Access to Justice and Civic Participation

Thematic Focus Areas

1. Land Rights:  

  • Access, utilization and ownership of land by the different marginalized groups and ethnic minority groups.
  • Land acquisition and compensation.
  • Legal Assistance.


  • Rural poor.
  • Pastoralists/ Basongora
  • Bonifide occupants on kingdom land and landlords.
  • Institutional land (UWA, NFA, UNRA)
  • Communities whose right to land is threatened by emergence of multinational corporations.
  • Widows, orphans and girl child
  • Ethnic minority groups.

2. Human Rights Defenders:

  • Safety and security of the grass root human rights defenders (Physical and digital security)
  • Catalyzing the formation of grass root activists, enhance capacity of existing and new ones and join existing strong groups.
  • Human rights awareness raising and promotion.
  • Human rights defending of the most at risk and marginalized groups (Individual grass root activists, ethnic minorities and women activists)
  • Legal Assistance.


  • Activists in indigenous minority groups (Basongora, Batuku, Batwa and Banyabindi)
  • Women Human rights activists in rural communities
  • Rural activists promoting land rights, natural resources, governance and accountability and business  and Human Rights.
  • Rural sexual minority rights activists.