1.Legal Aid Aupport
3.Accountability & Governance
4.Community Awareness
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Program areas

We have seven main program areas which are closely interlinked.

a.  Community awareness on human rights and good governance

  • Radio programs
  • Local community meetings
  • Training for grassroots activists
  • Link up communities to local leaders

b. Capacity building

  • Training on human rights, advocacy, monitoring and documentation
  • HRDs security training programs
  • Capacity building to support to duty bearers and communities on engaging business corporations to become come responsive and accountable during their business operations.
  • Outreach and support visits
  • Internships

c. Monitoring and documentation of human rights violation

  • Monitor and document the human rights violations
  • Monitor and document state of access to information
  • Monitor and document HRDs working environment
  • Monitor and document public service delivery gaps
  • Monitor and document the conduct of corporations

d. Advocacy

  • Networking with stakeholders
  • Engaging with decision makers, meetings
  • Providing information on case and situation, newsletters and reports
  • Largely based on monitoring and documentation work

e. Litigation

  • Strategic litigation on chosen cases according to the objectives and priorities.
  • Legal support to HRDs facing judicial harassment and threats that may require legal support

f. Legal aid support

  • Provision of legal aid support to individuals and groups on land related conflicts
  • Support to HRDs facing criminal charges as a result of their work

g. Management and administration

  • General management
  • Human resources management
  • Financial management and accounting