Programme Areas

Six main programme areas, closely interlinked.

  1. 1.      Community awareness on human rights and good governance

This program includes; Radio programmes, local community meetings, training support groups on the ground, Link up communities to local leaders

  1. 2.      Capacity building

The capacity building program includes; trainings on human rights, advocacy, monitoring and documentation, outreach and support visits as well as internships

  1. 3.      Monitoring and documentation of human rights violations

This involves training support groups on the ground and main office, collecting of information (interviews, videos) and analysis, analysing of legislations, reports and caser studies, making reports and video documentaries.

  1. 4.      Advocacy

Advocacy involves Networking with stakeholders, engaging with decision makers on phone and in meetings, providing information on cases and situation, through newsletters and reports, largely basing monitoring and documenting work.

  1. 5.      Litigation

This involves Strategic litigation on chosen cases according to TLC objectives and priorities

  1. 6.      Legal assistance

This involves advice for individual citizens on their human rights and good governance cases

  1. 7.      Management and administration

This involves General Organisation management, Human resources management and financial management and accounting.

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