Twerwaneho Listeners Club celebrates International Human Rights Day with Human Rights Defenders from Rwenzori region


Twerwaneho listeners club celebrated international human rights day by launching its new human rights program targeting Human Rights Defenders in the Rwenzori region.

The project titled “Enhancing Human rights defenders security through increased access to information mechanisms” provides legal support to activists failing criminal charges as a result of their work, capacity building to Human Rights Defenders and ensuring information relating to the working environment and safety of Human Rights Defenders is easily accessible.

During the launch Twerwaneho Listeners Club offered capacity building in advocacy skills and physical security.

Human rights defenders and journalists have been subjected to harassment and threats of attack and arrests from so many perpetrators including security organs and politicians.

Whereas Human rights defenders continue to face these threats; limited information about the plight they face is made available to the public.

This project is intended to enhance Human Rights Defenders with knowledge, skills and practical support to effectively and swiftly manage their physical and digital security as well as act as a channel through which information on the safety of Human Rights Defenders can be shared with key stake holders.

This project targets Human Rights Defenders operating in the Rwenzori region.

For enquiries contact;

Gerald Kankya -Tel: 256 782 499 986/ 256 702 499 986, e-mail:

Kansiime Evelyn – Tel: 256 772 086 559, e-mail:

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